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Instruction and Brief

Every buyer has unique preferences and needs. Once retained, Bradbourne’s search and acquisition service is personalised and precisely tailored to your specific requirements. We take time to understand your goals, budget and lifestyle to find properties that align with your vision. We recognise a search brief may evolve over time, often a necessity in the pursuit of the ideal home or investment. This level of attention and nuanced discussion ensures you are buying the perfect house.

Property Search Area Expertise


Property searching can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you have a busy schedule. We understand your time is precious and relieve you of this burden by scouring the market and acting as a filter to shortlist potentially suitable opportunities. This includes the increasing number of properties that are sold discreetly, off-market. Critically, we preview all properties, to ensure you are not wasting your time viewing houses that you simply will not buy and undertake a forensic level of due diligence, highlighting the positives and the negatives. This vital guidance and evidence-based advice gives you peace of mind and protects your future enjoyment of the property.

Property Search Area Expertise


Once an ideal property has been identified, we advocate on your behalf to negotiate the best possible terms. Working with a professional consultant will enhance credibility and demonstrate a commitment to purchase. Our strong and trusted relationships with selling agents give our clients a competitive edge.


Once terms are agreed we will act as the main point of liaison between all parties, providing help and guidance to facilitate a smooth transaction. This is a crucial, and often overlooked part of what we do. As experienced professionals, we are well versed in the complexities of the prime markets, working tirelessly to deliver the high level of communication and problem-solving techniques required to maintain progression and ultimately reach an exchange of contracts. Where required, we can introduce you to appropriate professionals from our trusted network, including lawyers, surveyors, architects, designers, planning consultants and removal companies, as well as the array of specialists often required post-survey.

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Bespoke Consultancy Services

We appreciate that not everyone requires a full property search service and we are often approached by unrepresented buyers to consult and advise on various aspects of a sale or purchase.

You may have already found a property and would benefit from an experienced consultant in your corner to oversee the transaction and represent your best interests. Maybe you are buying from a relative or friend and wish to remain at arm’s length from negotiations. Or perhaps some due diligence and impartial advice on value to reinforce and ‘sanity check’ your own decisions could provide reassurance.

Property Buying Agent Review

It would be true to say that without Stephen I would not have been able to purchase the house which I now own. Stephen worked incredibly hard to source a property for me in what was a very challenging market. He invested a great deal of time and energy in building contacts in the local area which ultimately produced a house and garden I am thrilled with. Thank you Stephen. G Hartley - Surrey