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With decades of knowledge in the residential property sector, Bradbourne has cultivated an enviable network of influential industry contacts, providing clients with unrivalled access to an array of exclusive prime market properties, both on and off-market.

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Property Search Area Expertise

Stephen Jenkins

Prior to founding Bradbourne, Stephen’s career encompassed roles within both the corporate and independent property sectors. His tenure in these diverse settings allowed him to refine and hone his advisory, negotiation and problem-solving skills to an exemplary level.

With an articulate manner, a tenacious approach to each individual search and a fervent dedication to achieving outstanding results in the ever-changing marketplace, Stephen is the ideal choice to be your trusted advisor.

Property Search Area Expertise

Carol Jenkins

Carol serves as an invaluable anchor for both Stephen and his clients as they embark on a journey to explore their future property aspirations. Carol’s vision encompasses every facet of property searches, providing essential guidance and support.

Carol is delighted to bring her wealth of experience to the business. Alongside all things property related Carol’s empathetic approach and deep understanding of a client's needs, adds stability to what can be an emotional process. Her dedication promises to enhance every property-related venture she undertakes.

Property Buying Agent Review

Having recently completed a house sale in West Sussex whilst working alongside Stephen, I have to say, he was the most professional counterpart I have ever come across in 20 years in the industry. House sales of this nature, (a private off-market sale to a foreign buyer) takes a great deal of skill, negotiation and management. I found Stephen to be a consummate professional with a fantastic knowledge of the conveyancing process and what was required for an extremely smooth transaction. I look forward to hopefully working with Stephen again in the future. PH - Estate Agent - West Sussex